An alternative economic system

Buy and sell time and objects without using money in a global market where the currency is the virtual value of exchanges

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How collaborative swaps work

Cronnection swaps are commercial deals between individuals without the need for money. Here’s how they work:

Create and verify your profile
Create and verify your profile

Build trust by creating a complete profile with photo, professional info and get verified in minutes.

Publish your skills and objects
Publish your skills and objects

Fill in your catalog, add nice photos and descriptions, and let others know what you’re offering.

Earn virtual Hours and Points
Earn virtual Hours and Points

Promote your catalog and start receiving offers. Sell stuff or spend real time to accumulate virtual value.

Start buying without money!
Start buying without money!

Spend your earned hours and points on a worldwide skills and objects marketplace, where everything's free.

New feature

Now on your smartphone and tablet

Publish items, browse the catalog and complete your profile, all from your iOS8 device (iPhone and iPad).

Under development
Publish your skills and objects

A fully featured sharing platform

We’ve created a complete set of tools so anyone can easily get value from their spare time and objects.

User trustworthiness: Karma system

A community built around trust

Our Karma system ranks users’ trustworthiness in a 0 to 100 scale. Users with good reviews, complete profiles, verified accounts and activity in the platform will have a higher karma than others.

Swaps: our negotiation tool for bartering

Swap, review, and repeat

Manage multiple sales or purchases, stay updated on changes in negotiations, and close deals very easily with our real time negotiation tool. Don’t forget to leave a review and tips for future buyers!

Explore: find what you need and exchange those virtual hours and points

An easy to explore global market

Discover time or object deals that you can get for free or at a discounted price. Navigate offers around you using the map or filters in the Explore section and buy using your earned value.

Wallet: Keep track of your earnings and expenses and monetize virtual currency

From virtual value to real money

Browse the Wallet section to keep track of your earnings and expenses. Sell your earned virtual value for money, or buy more Hours and Points to get the services or objects you need.

Good deeds deserve great rewards

We added a fun touch to make sharing even more rewarding. Every main action in the site gives you experience points.

Cronnection Currency: Hours, Points and Money. Also experience points!
Level gamification system: Stay active to reach the next level

Stay active to reach the next level

Publish, share, comment, like, favorite, swap. All good actions on the site come with a reward in the form of experience points. Keep accumulating them to level up. Everytime you do you’ll receive free Hours and Points!

2 hours and 30 points. Free.

2 hours and 30 points. Free.

As a new user, you receive a free starter pack to test out the platform.

Register and claim your starter pack